• Building a foundation for learning Building a foundation for learning
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  • Building a foundation for learning Building a foundation for learning
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  • Building a foundation for learning Building a foundation for learning
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Our mission

To engage our students in project-based experiential learning that sparks their passions, challenges them academically, and promotes social and emotional intelligence.

Our Vision
Our Program
Our People
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Our Vision

  • Project-Based, Experiential Learning

    Nurturing curious, inquisitive and entrepreneurial minds is the cornerstone of our approach. The Embankment School seeks first and foremost to foster and cultivate each student’s love of learning and inspire understanding from self-driven experimentation, examination, and investigation. Our curriculum is driven by the philosophy that children learn best by doing; hands-on experiences and activities help children internalize foundational skills and strategies for problem solving.

  • Imaginative Play and Creativity

    The Embankment School believes in creating a context for learning where imagination and play intersect with problem solving. Whether it is adapting a play from a book we’ve read, making a map of our neighborhood, or using games to reinforce number sense, students realize a purpose for learning in an engaging and fun way. The importance of play is confirmed in research from Piaget forward as an important role in cognitive development and intrinsic motivation.

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Character Development

    No matter what disciplines or career choices we make, we are seldom completely self-reliant for success. The Embankment School has a strong commitment to social-emotional learning. Not only does this foster an understanding of the need to work together to achieve a common goal, additionally, the learning that students gain from one another in this setting is incalculable. Learning from one another begins within a safe community, where communal engagement helps us gain new perspectives and guides our future decisions. This social-emotional experience is directed through our morning meetings and extended with games and interactive modeling throughout the day. Whether through reading projects, role-playing, or team-building games, students develop character by learning values, social-emotional principles, and life skills.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

    The project-based program at The Embankment School is perfectly complemented by a focus on analytical and scientific approaches to problem solving. Quantitative and numerical literacy is fundamental to success. Furthermore, as technology becomes more interwoven in the fabric of everyday life, learning to use technology not only as a tool to facilitate discrete problem solving, but as a way of finding solutions for abstract and undefined problems, is critical for future success. The Embankment School curriculum uses real-world situations, hands-on experimentation and manipulatives, combined with an emphasis on self-driven experimentation, examination, and investigation to support student success in applying quantitative and analytical principles from day one.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

— John Dewey
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Program Overview

Lower School

  • The Embankment School is a progressive school that has designed their lower school around the best research-based curriculum to create a broad experiential learning program. Our curriculum is founded in the philosophy that children learn best by doing.

Additional School Programs

Homeschool Hybrid Learning Programs
Summer Program

Our People

The Embankment School seeks educators who are passionate about what they do. Our educators bring their own love of learning to their students and impart them with the quest for life-long learning. At the heart of our program, and our search for dynamic teachers, is continuous professional development: bringing new, relevant ideas to our teachers as well as finding teachers who are always striving to refine their craft.

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School Founder

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Jessica Costantine

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  • Admissions

    Thank you for your interest in The Embankment School. Our school is more than an independent K-5 school, it’s where connections are made and foundations for learning are formed. Our close community extends beyond our classroom walls and engages our greater neighborhood. We look to find the passions within our learners to engage them in the learning process while building their confidence.

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